Greetings from the Operation Director

The Doctoral Student Career Center started the "Program for Synergistic Collaboration between Humanities and Sciences to Develop Societal Problem-Solving Leadership" from the fall semester of 2010.
In this program, postgraduate and post-doctoral students from both the humanities and sciences work together in teams to tackle societal problems corporations are concerned about. The aims of this program are

  1. To demonstrate that the ability acquired through academic activities can be utilized in the society and to enhance it
  2. To show how such abilities coincide with the human resources that a knowledge-based society demands
  3. To point out the possibilities for diverse career paths

The Japanese society will benefit through the spread of the model for synergistic collaboration between the humanities and sciences that broadly harnesses human resources possessing advanced abilities.

Toru Asahi
Professor, Faculty of Advanced Science and Engineering
Executive Director, Doctoral Student Career Center
Waseda University

Conseptual Diagram of Career Path Breadth