For Corporations and Local Governments / Discover new potentials by utilizing youthful ideas and powers

We are seeking for partner corporations for corporate seminars. Please tell us the societal problems you have in your corporation. Our postgraduate and post-doctoral students' teams will tackle the issues.
The program consists of Basic Study, Corporate Seminars and Applied Study. Waseda University is conducting this program as part of our graduate school reformation project.
The term of each program is 6 months, and the corporate seminar term can be adjusted from 2 weeks (intensive) to 3 months (on irregular base).
Take a chance to utilize youthful ideas and powers to solve societal issues your company is concerned with.

[ Example of issues ] *These are only examples we have carried out in the past. Themes need not follow the examples below.

  Partner corporation Seminar theme
2012 Fall semester Local government Blanding of the local products
2012 Fall semester Global major company Sustainable development of natural resources
2012 Spring semester Non-ferrous metal maker Optimum energy form for a sustainable society
2012 Spring semester University-industry consortium Creating an harmonious environment for people with or without disabilities
2011 Fall semester Material maker Development of "frontrunner" industries
2011 Fall semester Local government Strategies for regional revitalization towards independence of local governments
2011 Fall semester Recycling company CSR management
2011 Spring semester Think tank Business plans for tissue engineering
2010 Fall semester Electronic manufacturer Trends of eco-business

[ Key Points ]

  • We comply with the confidentiality obligation.
  • Team coordinators and field coordinators (who are educators) will follow up the team members.
  • No hiring expenses will occur. Recruitment of team members after the program is not necessary.