For Postgraduate and Post-Doctoral Students / Tackle societal problems and transcend boundaries

Know, acquire and utilize the ability that goes beyond boundaries of grades, major, humanities/sciences and academia/industry.
The Doctoral Student Career Center offers the program below for free.
Participants must be postgraduate (Both master's and doctor's course are welcome.) and post-doctoral students at Waseda University.

  1. Basic Study
    "Innovation Leadership," "Logical Communication," corporate overview study etc.
  2. Corporate Seminars
    Theme setting, research, reporting, presentations etc.
  3. Applied Study
    Studies on theme setting, research methods, report making and lectures from corporate leaders etc.

Above is a consistent 6 months program. Participants are required to take all 3 courses.
The corporate seminar will be done in 2-4 member teams with a doctoral student as a leader.
Students are expected to work as a team and to acquire new perspectives and abilities.
It is your decision, whether to choose the academia or the industry for your career path after this program. We surely believe this experience will be beneficial to you in either choice.